Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chow Chow's turned one!

My very first birthday was quite an uneventful one. My parents were not exactly in a celebratory mood. Mummy was not well and is perpetually tired. Well, at least they still remembered it's my birthday - 12 April! And since I was on a raw diet, Mummy made me a "raw" birthday cake. It's made up of three succulent pieces of lamb shoulder chops, topped with chicken feet! I love the chicken feet! It's so crunchy! They are such delicious alternatives to birthday candles!

Quit showing off the birthday cake, Mum! I want it now!

There's no need for a birthday song! Just give me the damm cake!

There you go! Sorry if it looked gross to some people.


Ermmmm...are you done yet? Can I eat the cake now, please?

To show my appreciation for the cake, I finished everything up in a record time of 30 seconds!

Mummy wished me a happy birthday and also for me to be happy and healthy always! She even gave me a goodnight kiss on my furry cheek when I was almost dozing off at night. Now, Mummy feels really bad about my simple birthday and has decided to give me a proper celebration in September - sort of to celebrate the anniversary of me joining the family! It would be a double celebration cos grandpa's birthday is just one day before I became a member of the Chong household!I'm so looking forward to September!

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