Sunday, August 30, 2009

A close shave...with death!

Towards the end of last week, I caused my pawrents quite a bit of a heart attack! I don't really wanna blog about this but my Mummy insists I let the whole world know what I did so that other doggies will not learn from me and that their pawrents can also try to prevent such things from happening to their furkids, should it happen one day *touch wood!*.

On Friday evening, my pawrents were getting ready to go to Grandpa's house for dinner and as usual, they had to coax me to get into the car boot. The car boot is not exactly my favourite place in the world and as usual, I tried to wriggle my way out of it. I backed away while Daddy pulled the leash (and me) towards him. Just then, the leash which was tied round my neck ride up my head and with a couple of pulling and wriggling actions, the leash came loose and I was free!

I ran around the estate in full speed, missing cars that came in and out of the car park by seconds. Daddy told Mummy to stay put while he chased after me. Mummy was freaking out already but she tried her best to remain calm and stayed at the car, waiting for our return.

I ran and ran, and seeing Daddy hot on my heels, I ran even faster and soon, I reached the edge of a busy road. Cars and big trucks were zooming by, it was really exciting! I had to stop for a while as I suddenly had to urge to poop. I was happily doing my business at the side of the road when Daddy came up to me and quickly put the leash around me. I struggled again and managed to break free. Poor Daddy was not as agile as me and he fell and suffered some scratches on his fingers and palms. Luckily he missed my pile of freshly-pooped poo!

I dashed across the busy road and even turned back to look at Daddy. The vehicles must be really excited to see me too cos they were making lots of noise with their horns. Somehow, I managed to cross two busy roads and reached the other side of the neighbourhood. Some vehicles were close enough to sniff my butt but they all braked in time to avoid me. I wonder why.

Anyway, I arrived at one of my favourite part of the neighbourhood because there are many doggies living in the big houses here and I have plenty of peemail to check out. While replying to one of the peemail, Daddy suddenly sneaked up on me and grabbed my tail. Well, Daddy was pretty mad at me for making him run all the way here at this point, and for ignoring his commands to COME. He grabbed me real tightly and before I know it, I was leashed again. Oh well, end of my adventure for now.

My pawrents were really mad at me for running away (again) and ignored me the whole time we were at Grandpa's place. I gave them a pathetic and innocent look, but they just glared at me. So I kept my distance, especially from Daddy who were staring daggers at me when I peeped at him.

Erm, there's a second part to my "horror" story. After dinner at Grandpa's house, we were getting ready to go home when again I refused to get up into the car. Daddy bent over to carry me but I backed away and this time, my tail missed the rolling tyres of an oncoming car by millimetres! Actually, come to think of it, some strands of fur from my fluffy tail were CRUSHED by the tyres! But it's ok cos I have lots of fur to spare!

That's not the end of my story. On Saturday, we went to Granddad's house (FYI, Grandpa is Mummy's father and Granddad is Daddy's father) and before the car boot was opened, I saw a golden retriever taking a walk at the side of the road. I was really excited to see him and leaped off the car the moment the door was opened, forgetting to listen to my pawrents' command (they have to say OK before I can get off the car). In my eagerness to go and say hi to the golden retriever, I lept off the car too quickly and somehow sprained my front paw when I landed on the road. It hurts very much and I whined real loudly and for a long time too. The lady walking the golden was taken aback by my loud cries and quickly walk away. My painful paw didn't allow me to rush over to the golden. In fact, I sat down immediately and cry out in pain. My pawrents groaned again and gave me a huge lecture. Thank god, the pain went away soon enough and I stopped limping by the end of the night.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Pawesome!

Honey, has tagged me to list seven reasons why I am PAWESOME! Ohhh....there are more than seven reasons that I can think of, but I shall be humble and abide by the rule of the game. BOL!

Reason 1: I am pawesome because I sit on command (especially when there are treats and walks involved).

Reason 2: I let my pawrents towel me dry without much fuss even though I absolutely hate it.

Reason 3: I only pee and poo outside the house cos I know how much my Mummy hates to clean up after me at home.

Reason 4: I greet and bow to my pawrents whenever they come home!

Reason 5: I wait patiently for my food.

Reason 6: I am the house's official door bell. I can smell the salesman and the postman the moment they stepped out of the lift and heading for my house! I bark to announce their arrival before they can even knock on the door.

Reason 7: Last but not least, I am pawesome because I am just so lovable!

Now I'm going to tag seven of my pawesome friends to give us seven reasons why they are pawesome!

1. Huskee
2. Hershey
3. Romeo
4. Dino
5. Paco
6. Milo
7. Brownie

Thursday, August 20, 2009

True Colour Thursday - Pale Pink

Another week has zoomed by and it's True Colour Thursday again! Colour for the week is Pale Pink and check out Mummy's towel cap on my head. Mummy's doing it again - having a good laugh at my expense. I'm only doing this cos there was my favourite treat hanging on the tip of Mummy's fingers.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

True Colour Thursday - Chowcolate Brown

It's True Colour Thursday again and the colour for the week is Chowcolate Brown! What do you all think about the rich shade of Chowcolate in the background? It reminds me so much of the Cadbury milk chocolate that Mummy is munching on!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meeting Nikki

One of Mummy's old friend from secondary school invited us to her new house in Queenstown. This is the hostess, Aunt Rachel. She loved it when I offered her my paws.

Aunt Rachel offered me a treat ball because I was such a charmer.

That's Nikki. Aunt Rachel's 8-year-old Yorkshire Chihuahua. She wasn't too pleased to see me playing with her treat ball...oops!

Nikki wasn't too friendly and she kept a close watch on me. I was constantly on my toes too, I mean I can't exactly relax and be myself when I'm under scrutiny.

I tried to be friendly...

And gave my widest smile to Nikki...

What say you we stop watching and following each other, Nikki? Let's be friends instead!

Nikki wasn't too keen on the idea. See, even when we took a picture together, she wanna sit far away from me.

Oh Mummy I give up! Maybe I should pose with the humans instead.

So this is me and Aunt Rachel.

And of course a group picture with the ladies!

Nikki was starting to get tired from watching me all afternoon. Frankly, so was I.

So Aunt Rachel gave us some felt so good! And if Aunt Rachel starts to pet me, she better does the same to Nikki cos that jealous dog barked at me and bit me when Aunt Rachel showered her attention on me initially.

That's Uncle AT, Aunt Rachel's hubby. He thinks I look like an adorable lion! BOL! After meeting me, he is convinced that owning a big dog is much more fun! BOL!

Before leaving the house, I tried to be friendly to Nikki once more but that silly girl ran away and hid in a corner.

Hmmm...I can't reach and sniff at Nikki and say my goodbye. But I think she rather have it this way. Adios, Nikki. And bye Aunt Rachel and Uncle AT. Thanks for having us over...your courtyard is great and sorry about mistakening your new carpet as the grass and peeing on it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Home alone...almost!

My pawrents escaped to Port Dickson for a short holiday over the weekend and left me behind! I'm so sad! Thankfully they have enough sense to send Grandpa, Uncle MQ and Aunt BB over to our house to dogsit me. But still, it's never the same without my pawrents.

They finally came home yesterday afternoon, with no toys or treats for me! The excuse? Port Dickson is a boring place with nothing to buy at all! Well, all's forgiven when Mummy quickly fed me my favourite posh nosh from Hong Kong and gave me lots of cuddles! I love it when both my pawrents give me lots of warm hugs and cuddles together.

Here are some pictures my Daddy took of Port Dickson. I wish I can join them in their next trip.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dogs' Day Out

In June, there was a doggie event at the West Coast Park and my pawrents brought me there for some fun and sun.

The weather was pretty good, sunny with the occasional breeze. I had a great time sniffing around and checking out all the dogs!

I even tried out the obstacle course!

These two shelties are amazing. They can do the obstacle course really well and they are so obedient!

Wow wow wow...I see some interesting dogs...let me go and say hi!

The husky - Daddy's favourite breed.

The bulldog - Daddy thinks he is uber cute too!

I think this white furry dog is cute too...hey, wait for me!

And before we left the park, we bumped into a huge pack of golden retrievers! They were all so beautiful and friendly. Coincidentally, Mummy's friend (also one of her favourite ex-client) is one of the goldens' owner! Aunt Lynnette recognised me first before she saw Mummy! BOL!

I wish I could stay longer to play with the dogs but the weather started to turn cranky and so we went home to have my weekly bath.

I am so looking forward to another doggy event!

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Mummy's back!

My Mummy is finally back from Hong Kong after sooooo many days! I didn't know Hong Kong is so far away and that she needed five days to get back. I thought I would see her again at most five hours after she left the house!

During Mummy's absence, Daddy spent a lot of time bonding with me! He brought me to the dog run on Saturday (where I got bullied by a huge white dog) and to the campus garden on Sunday. I was kinda tired on Sunday and the outing wasn't quite the same without Mummy so I didn't ran much. When Daddy called me, I simply walked up to him for him to leash me and bring me home. BOL! This is the first time I was being so cooperative. I thought maybe if I behaved myself well, Mummy would come home earlier.

Daddy also brought me to the groomers. I had a nice trim and am looking even more handsome and cuter! Oh, I was scared out of my wits when the groomer accidentally cut me when I was having my pawdicure! I bled and it was painful! I cried for my parents but Daddy could only stand outside the glass window looking at me. When Daddy told Mummy about this over the phone, Mummy was so heartbroken she almost cried. But of course she had to hold back her tears cos her friends were with her.

Anyway, I am very glad that Mummy is home now. She even bought me some treats and fed me this super delicious wheatgrass and beef jerky she got from a supermarket in Hong Kong. Now, I don't have to sleep in the living room to wait for her to return, like I did for the past five days. It's back to sleeping in the cosy room with my favourite pair of humans.

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