Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I ran away again...

For the 5th time. Or was it the 6th?

This morning, Ddady took me out for my usual morning walk. Something was tickling me and I started to spin around trying to shake it away. Daddy doesn't like my spinning cos he thinks I'm acting crazy again. He tugged at the leash and my somehow my collar came loose and I was off-leashed! Woohoo...I love to be free! And I ran away as fast as I could, enjoying the little breeze in my fur. Daddy tried to get me back but no way am I going to let him catch me so easily. I need to enjoy my freedom first! Daddy gave up looking for me after I disappeared from his sight and he couldn't find me anywhere. I'm really good at hide and seek!

Poor Daddy had to break the bad news to Mummy who was still asleep. When Mummy heard that I was gone, she leaped out of bed immediately and wanted to go and find me. Daddy was worried to see Mummy so emotional and he didn't want her to go and chase after me, in case she hurt herself. Mummy could spot me throtting happily across the basketball court downstairs to the opposite block and off again Daddy goes to look for me.

Mummy was so worried she kept watch at the balcony hoping to see me. 15 minutes later, Daddy managed to find me and put the collar on me again cos I was too tired to run away from him and I wanted to go home as well. Mummy was so happy to Daddy and me returning home, but she never fail to give me a light slap on my furry butt and stared at me fiercely with her teary eyes.

As for me, I was so hot, thirsty and tired I collapsed onto the cool balcony floor and slurp at my water bowl heartily.


jason86 said... notti....believed ur dad will giv u a good nagging session..kkeke

Brownie said...

Ooh... You're so good at getting away! I have tried getting out of my collar, but I'm not as talented as woo!

Romeo Sangiovese said...

Chow Chow, don't tell your parents to get you a martingale collar!! That's what Mother puts around my neck to prevent me from escaping (sigh). It really does it's job too! No matter how you pull or move it just doesn't pop off your head.

♥玮倩 said...

oh my! That's the most worrying thing, i ran out of the house last week. Althought its just at the corridor, but my daddy&mommy were worried like hell! they had a hard time chasing after me @.@ but i'm so glad that you're back with your parent!

best regards

Huskee and Hershey said...

OMdoG... Chow Chow.. you ran away AGAIN?!! You must have made your daddy so mad and your mommy so worried. Ummm I think you'd better stop your little escapes before they ground you.. that'd be a nightmare!

The time when I ran away from mom and right into the middle of the road, I think my mom almost peed on the spot and when she finally got me back, she almost squeezed the life outta me.. be warned...

icelads said...

I learned this trick at one of the forum where if your dog got escaped and run really fast, you can try to call their names to get their attention and run at the opposit way then they will thought that now is the time they chase you, they will run to you :P
it works for my pup when i try to catch them at the car porch to go into the house.

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