Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bathing time again

This time, Mummy caught my miserable bath on video. She is determined to embarass me, that woman! Daddy never fails to give me the dreaded bath everytime we get to the grandparents' house after the dog park. I suspect he was jealous that I had so much fun rolling in the mud while he just sat at the benches and glared at me. He can always join me in the mud puddle, but he is just too uptight to have a bit of fun. And so the bath is his way of punishing me, I figured!

These few thoughts are swimming in my head whenever I am being washed and scrubbed by Daddy -
"Are you done yet?"
"Don't let the water get into my eyes!"
"Mummy save me instead of taking the stupid camera!"
"Oh look, a dog is outside the gate, I need to go over and say hi!"
"I need to plan my escape!"

But thoughts are just thoughts and I can't do much, except to shake water all over and get my parents all wet in the process. Since I can't fight them, might as well get them to join me!


The FOUR Musketeers said...

Looks like many of us have a bathe ! BOL ! Lookie look at the sulky face ! Same as me (:

Amber-Mae said...

Hey, you're very lucky that you're not as fluffy as most Chow Chows are because your bath would take much longer to end & your hoomans will have a harder time bathing you. Wetting your thick dense coat is not an easy job. I'm glad I'm not so fluffy! My bath only takes up to 10 minutes sometimes 15.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Pipa said...

Awwwww, Chow, u behave sooo nicely during that evil bath process! I hate having a bath... it's a evil way that hoomans have to show us they're in command. So, whenever I can, I put my sad-terrified eyes so that they feel bad about puting me through it! What's the thing about humans and baths, anyway?


You are each day more and more handsome.

Love, Pipa

Maggie and Mitch said...

You poor thing, Chow Chow! Not another bath! You're really so good about it too!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Isis said...

what a terrible thing is bath time! OH MY i hate it!

serenitybb said...

Chow Chow~!

Poor sulky boy~ Ebi & Emma hates their bath as well, haha! The moment they see me preparing a chair in the toilet & getting their towel. They runs & hide under the chair/table or wherever they can hide! =p

Always have to drag them off to the toilet for bath. And yes, they needs to be placed on the chair for bathing coz they can't keep still on the floor! LOL~

Achilles Wong said...

aw.. why do i get the feeling that I'm the only one who loves baths.

hehe.. you look like youre about to cry chow chow.. is it really that bad?

drooly kisses,


duo_disaster said...

Tell your Mumsie, those are doggie MUD SPA! We had it once too, thank GOD it wasnt caught on tape *sniggers*

Anonymous said...

My Mother hates it when she's bathing me and wetting my fur starting from my bum but when she gets to my neck, my ass is dry already!

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