Friday, December 19, 2008

Prison Break!

I made Mummy and Daddy sooooooooo angry yesterday. For the second time in the week, I escaped from the house when Mummy opened the gate to go out and instead of just loitering in the corridor as usual, I went all the way down from the 7th floor to the ground floor! Woohooo! It was so fun running away and exploring the estate....without the stupid leash! Mummy doesn't seem to have a fun bone in her body. She was terribly upset and chased after me. Of course I will never let her catch up. Whenever I see her approaching, I would run faster and further away! This really made her panic! Cunning Mummy even pretend to have treats in her hand, and tried to trick me to go to her. C'mon! I know there is no treat cos she wouldn't have the time to run into the house to get any treats for me! Hah! Besides, running away is a much more attractive option than those silly treats. Try harder, Mummy!

I ran around, stopping only occasionally to sniff at the plants. Everyone stared at me and a few silly girls screamed when they saw me appearing behind their back. I even found a party where there were food and people gathering around! Mummy kept calling me and said in a frantic tone "Don't go there Chow Chow. That's a funeral!" As if I know what that means.

I went to so many new places and found a piece of bread and ate it immediately! Yum! All this while, Mummy was following me, pretending to be friendly and strolled along, and then tried a few time to get hold of me. But I'm too fast and too slippery for her! Thank god it was drizzling! Mummy was almost driven to tears when I'm near a small road and some vehicles were coming along, with their bright headlights flashing.

Somehow, Mummy managed to grabbed me. I think I was distracted by something on the ground. She held onto to me so tightly! Then she lifted me up and carried me home. All this while she was muttering that I am so heavy and she panted away like she was chased by a dozen dogs. C'mon, I was the one being chased here! Apparenly, I was so heavy and she was so weak that she had to propped me against the pillar to readjust me in her arms, twice! At one point she put me down, cos she was too tired and I was struggling so much. But of course, she never let go of me even while catching her breath. After one minute of resting, she carried me again and by then I was just too tired as well to squirm like a worm in her arms.

I collasped on to the floor when we entered the lift. Gosh, we were both looking at each other and panting away so much, we would have won a gold in sychronized panting! Mummy screamed for Daddy to help her when the lift door opened. Poor me, I got an extremely stern warning from Daddy. Mummy left the house soon after cos she was already half an hour late for her appointment.

My Prison Break plan has foiled. Mummy and Daddy have decided not to take chances and they said one of them will grab me if the other one needs to open the gate. Now, I need to brainstorm for more brillant ideas on how to outwit my parents!


Maggie and Mitch said...

OMG, Chow Chow! Thank goodness your mom got you before you REALLY escaped! We think you need to get back into their good graces before Santa gets wind of this iffy behavior!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Whoa, I held my breath reading your escaped thrilling story. Did you run down 7 flights of stairs? You did ignore the made-believe-treats in your mom's hand? You were so smart Chow Chow, your mom didn't even have time to think of the treats let alone go back to the house to get some treats.
I escaped once and my neighborhood had a quite entertained evening, imagine a 6 lbs pup running way ahead without looking back and an old woman hollering mango mango like a street vendor behind, haha!

Achilles Wong said...

you silly boy chowchow.. you gave us quite a scare there. we could just imagine how far you went.

i know it can be excitting to make an escape sometimes. i too am guilty (not!) of that but.. but.. please please try not to do it again. we'd hate for you to get grounded on christmas.

5 more days and you can stop pretending to be uberly nice to the hoomans.. BOL

drooly kisses,


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Chow Chow - you have been a naughty boy! Your poor human - she must have been frantic and so upset!

I know it's great fun running around by yourself but it would be better doing that when your humans take you to a dog park - it can be a bit dangerous if you just take off by yourself!

My humans are really strict with me and until I learnt not to dash out the door whenever it was opened, they always put a leash on me before they opened the door. Even if it takes a bit more time - after a while, I just stopped thinking I could dash out without permission. Now I don't need a leash but I know that I have to stay on the threshold until I hear them say "Ok" - before I can step over and go out. Otherwise I'll get into BIG trouble and Hsin-Yi is really scary when she is grumpy!! She never lets up, even once - if sometimes I'm naughty and I try to sneak out, she'll make me come back and stand on the threshold watching her walk out without me! Until she says "Ok" - and then I can rush out after her - am so happy! :) So now I learnt that if I want to do nice things and accompany her as much as possible (like going to put out the rubbish bin), I have to be good and always wait for permission.

Hey - have your humans practised the "Wait" command with you? They do that a lot with me, for lots of different things, so that I learn self-control and that I have to wait until I get permission to do things.

Hsin-Yi says that us dogs learn by repetition and so if we're not given the chance to do anything, we learn not to do it after a while - it just becomes fixed in our minds and we never think differently - so maybe if you were always on leash for a while and never given the chance to run off - after a while, you'll forget about trying to escape! :-)

Anyway, am glad you got back safely - that was quite scary reading about you and all the traffic and stuff!

Honey the Great Dane

D0gl0v3r said...

piak piak chowchow backside

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Chow Chow..
You gave us a scare, big boy!! Mom says she feels sorry for your mom cos she totally understands how she felt when you were near the road. I ummm.. did that once when I was a pup (that's like 9 years ago.. the petty woman doesn't 'forgive and forget' easily..). The more she chased after me, the faster I ran... hey, it's a great game of 'catch me if you can'. But when she caught me and brought me home, I got the biggest punishment of my life.
Oh, they took Hershey to WCDR this morning and was hoping to see you (mom actually baked 2 porkie pies for you). Did you go today? Hershey met 2 Boder Collies and came back a very muddy dog!! (Pssst.. were you grounded?)

Your fellow escape artist - Huskee

Dino and Family said...

Oh dear Chow Chow! Naughty Naughty! Please don't do it again. I am glad your mommy managed to track you down. It is no fun being lost and endangering yourself. Take care my friend! Love, Dino

Isis said...

Sister says one time this lady lost her doberman in traffic! Everyone from the clinic was chasing and chasing him- so, sister got on the street- knees on the ground, put her hands on the ground and called like she was playing- tried not to show she was afraid the dog would get hit- and the dog ran right too her!

Try crouching on the ground next time mom! Maybe it'll work! AND chow chow- don't let there be a next time! our mommies hearts explode when you do that!

Anonymous said...

Woah Chow Chow! Way to go to make your mother exercise! Be careful of them metal things on wheels tho'. They can cause great pain I hear!

Oh, my Mother wanted me to tell your mom that she feels her pain. Esp the part about carrying fat dogs (I wonder who she's referring to!?). She's suggesting a baby gate for the main door perhaps. We've got a couple of those around the house and Mother is going to create a fence within the porch to make sure I don't do a prison break too! You know, I always find that when Mother runs in the opposite direction (and not towards me) I end up chasing her. Don't tell your mom this or she might just try to see if it'll work for next time!

Cocoa the Beagle said...

That was a close shave from the road Chow Chow! I ever escaped once (my leash slipped from mum's hand) and she had to chase after me. Luckily there was still the leash, so all she had to do was to step on the leash (while I was busy peeing against some tree) to 'capture' moi!

Cocoa and Barley

Almighty King King said...

lol... i guess u having been watch too much Prison Break! later you are not staying at ground level, if not you will be digging your way out the next time~ heee

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