Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chow Chow and Coco

Meet Coco, my in-law's six year-old Shih Tzu. We all love her very much as she is sweet, adorable and friendly all the time. However she is not too friendly to the dogs. Whenever a dog passes by the house, she would growl and bark incessantly at the passing canine until it is out of her sight. Once we brought her to the dog run and she was so unhappy. Her tail was down and she refused to face the other dogs. We always joked that Coco must have thought she is a human as well. She loves people, but just not species of her own kind.

When we first brought Chow Chow to the house, Coco was totally petrified. She keep growling and barking at poor Chow Chow who only look at her with his innocent eyes. He probably couldn't fathom why this little dog is so worked up when he has done nothing to her.

Coco's fear for Chow Chow worsened when Chow Chow tried to sniff at her and chase her. We had no choice but to keep Chow Chow outside the house. It has been more than a month already and both dogs still can't stay in the same area without Chow Chow going after Coco, and Coco scrambling for our protection from the bigger dog. Chow Chow can only go inside the house when Coco is on the second floor. Coco also gets jealous when we pet or brush Chow Chow. She shows her jealousy by barking at us. She would only calm down when we acknowledge her or pet her back.

I really hope soon Coco can overcome her fear for Chow Chow and see him as a playing companion instead.

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