Monday, October 27, 2008

Earth Cafe

Over the weekend, we decided to bring Chow Chow to a dog cafe to chill out plus dinner. We drove to Club4Paws / My Dog Ate It Cafe cos it was supposedly the nearest to our house. However all facilities, including the cafe can only be used by registered members. As we are not members and the cafe doesn't look too impressive from the outside, we decided to go somewhere else. Plan B was to check out Earth Cafe at Thomson. Luckily the place wasn't too difficult to locate.

The cafe was clean and it was not too packed. There was a very friendly pomeranian who scuffled to Chow Chow to say hi. As usual, that got Chow Chow very excited and he was sniffing and trying to get on top of the pom. We quickly drag him away and find a table further from the little pom and his owners. Chow Chow wasn't too pleased initially with being leashed to the wall. He was kinda agitated and wanted to explore the cafe a bit. The cafe staff were very nice and they quickly offer Chow Chow a bowl of water the minute we sat down.

Chow Chow calmed down a little after all the pacing around. The cafe staff were pretty curious about Chow Chow and asked us about his breed, age and gender. I guess Chow Chows are not very common and that is why many people are curious about this 'lion-lookalike' dog.

While hubby and I started to have our meal, one of the cafe staff came around and offer Chow Chow a teletubby for entertainment. But what makes Chow Chow happiest was his bowl of beef and vegetable dinner. H e was so excited he started to whine and whimper and let out a bark when the cafe staff poured some of his dinner into another bowl so that it will cooled more quickly and the eager Chow Chow can have his meal sooner. Chow Chow simply can't wait to sink his teeth into the yummy-looking food.

After the sumptous dinner, we brought him to Botanical Gardens for his evening walk.

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