Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Chow Time!

Initially, I wanted to write this blog based on the dog's perspectives. It's cute and many people are doing it. But then again, who am I to do that? I am not Chow Chow and I can't be sure of what he is thinking and feeling all the time. So I've decided to blog based on MY own observations and opinions on my darling Chow Chow. This blog is an attempt to record our days together. I prefer to keep it this way :)

For those who are interested, here are some facts and figures of our lovely pooch.

Colour: Red
Date of birth: 12 April 1008
Place of birth: Victoria, Australia
Breed background: It's Chow Chow on papers, but we highly suspect he's a mixed of Chow and Shiba Inu
Day we brought him home: 23 September 2008
Likes: going out, food, chasing birds
Hates: confined space
Temperament: stubborn, quiet, usually mild-tempered and placid at home in the day, active at night, sometimes too hyper when going for walks, kinda shy and timid, curious
Usual Routine: Daily walks in the morning, afternoon (sometimes, depends on weather), evening and night (depends on weather and if the owners are feeling hardworking). Weekly trip to West Coast Dog Run for some fun and run and socialising, then to my in-law's place for weekly bath and chill-out.

Chow Chow has been with us for more than a month already! And he grown quite a bit too! Here are his pictures taken when he was 5 months old.

When he first arrived, we put him in his crate for a couple of hours each day as part of his training. He absolutely hates it.

He much prefers to get out of his crate and a week later, we let him roam the house freely. Just no access to the rooms. He behaves quite well so we no longer put him in his crate. He's outgrown his crate too by now, I'm sure. If anyone is keen, we are letting go of the crate at $20. Just leave a comment if you want more details! :)

Poor Chow Chow had skin allergies, so he was scratching himself all the time. We have stopped giving him chicken now and I think it helped a bit in relieving the itch.

His favourite spot is under the coffee table. Two of the coffee table legs have been gnawed by him.

His favourite toy, the rope. Perfect for his teething needs.

Chow Chow hates car rides. He gets all nervous and tend to stand on all fours on the back seat. It takes a lot of coaxing for him to sit. And that last for just a minute if we are lucky. He has fallen a few times in the car and now has developed balancing instincts. If you see him shifting his body slightly to one side like he is surfing when the car turns, he is doing his balancing act.

Happy and running free at the dog run!

Chilling out at my in-law's foyer. We fenced him up the first time cos the family Shih Tzu was terrified of Chow Chow.
More pictures of Chow Chow and Coco, the Shih Tzu in the next post!

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