Monday, November 3, 2008

Back to normal

Chow Chow is up and about the next day after his surgery. The e-collar also came off just after one day. Now that his testicles have shrank in size, Chow Chow doesn't lick his wound so much. I was a bit worried when he played with the neighbourhood terrier the next morning after his surgery. He was so hyper and excited and both dogs just went for each other and standing on their hind paws to paw each other. I thought they were fighting and I tried to pull Chow Chow away. But the terrier's owner said they were just playing and even asked me not to tug at the leash cos Chow Chow was in a choke chain. Frankly, I can't tell if the dogs are fighting or playing.

When we brought him to my in-laws' place, he was so happy he went around the garden and did his 'crazy' stunts of chasing and biting his own tail and leaping up and down like a wild rabbit. So much for preventing him for jumping. We got him to stay inside the house instead so that his wound doesn't get dirty from the grass and mud in the garden. He didn't behaved as well in the house probably because Coco was there for him to chase. Poor Coco!
On Sunday, we brought Chow Chow to my in-laws' place again and he was getting so excited, scurrying around the house, rushing from the hall to the kitchen. I bet that was because the smell of food was too strong for him to handle. He just couldn't stay calm, no matter how we chide him. He especially love to harrass the helper in the kitchen in the hope to receive some table scrapes from her. My father-in-law loves to feed table scrapes to the dogs and he once fed Chow Chow some scrambled eggs and the dog was hooked! We have to remind him repeatedly not to feed Chow Chow. We really don't want him to have the bad habit of begging for food or stealing our food when we are eating.

Something funny happened on Sunday night though. Gavin, our 5-year-old nephew changed into his PJs with black and white patches. He looked like a cow, or a dalmation. I wish I had pictures to show! When Chow Chow saw Gavin coming down the steps in his PJs, he looked a bit scared. And when Gavin come into the hall, the dog just retreated to the farthest corner away from Gavin. We were all very surprised of his reaction. Maybe he had a bad encounter with a dalmation before? We really don't know.


Maggie and Mitch said...

We're so glad you're back to normal, Chow Chow!
We love scrambled eggs too! yummmmmmm

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Ashley said...


Chow Chow love eggs of all fact he love to eat everything! Hehehe....

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