Monday, November 10, 2008

When night falls

Over the weekend, we stayed over at my in-laws' place cos my father-in-law was in Jakarta and we went over to keep my mother-in-law company. I like staying over at my in-laws' place for weekends cos it means Chow Chow will have a garden and backyard to roam and play in, plus I get to see Coco the Shih Tzu. Though I'm pretty sure Coco is not too thrilled to have Chow Chow in her house.

Chow Chow was super hyper when he arrived, leaping around the garden and spinning around to chase his own tail. On Friday night, I discovered that he was lying on the grass in the garden, occupied with something. I thought maybe he had stolen Coco's stuffed doll and was trying to mutilate it with his paws and teeth or that he has caught a cricket and is trying to stuff the hopping insect into my mouth. On closer inspection, I realised he was munching happily on the soil! I stopped him and got him to go inside the house. After a while when I wasn't looking, Chow Chow sneaked out to the garden again and this time for a second helping of the wet soil. He couldn't be hungry cos he ignored his bowl of kibbles. I shoved his favourite toy in his face and encouraged him to bite the stuffed doll instead.

Chow Chow has always love munching on long grasses whenever we bring him for his walks. Maybe he enjoys the texture and taste. I also suspect the soil may have something to do with his diarrhea cos later that very night, he went upstairs (something he has never dare to do in the house) and hubby found him outside our bedroom door. We thought he was scared and brought him inside our room immediately. Chow Chow was restless and keep going to my side of the bed and laid on my pillow. We told the naughty boy NO and then he kept pacing the room. That's it, we know from his body language that he is going to poop. We hurried out to bring him to the garden but it was too late. By the time we opened the door, Chow Chow did a few urgent rounds and started to squat. It's was no use saying NO to him. When a dog has to go, he has to go. He pooped right outside the room and just then, the helper came out to tell us that Chow Chow has pooped in her room. Gosh, we were aghast! We quickly cleaned up the mess and apologised to the helper. She just smiled and wanted to help clean up. But we felt so bad and hubby quickly went inside her room to clean up as well. He found out that Chow Chow has pooped right beside the helper! That was so rude!

On Sunday, when hubby and I came back after the AVA Pet Ownership Roadshow, my mother-in-law told us Chow Chow was helping himself to more garden soil. There is a big brown patch on the ground - Chow Chow has eaten up the fresh green grass and the soil beneath them.

Now, I have second thoughts about leaving Chow Chow to roam in the house and in the garden unsupervised after what he has done.

Just look at the picture. Doesn't Chow Chow look like a monster in the dark with those glowing eyes?!


happy said...

Gee...does the soil taste good, Chow Chow? I like to dig at the soil too but LS is always keeping her hawk eyes on me. So no chance of tasting it.

Hope your tummy is better now.

Maggie and Mitch said...

We hope your tummy is better soon so that you start going poopie outside, Chow Chow! We never ate dirt before! Is it yummy?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

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