Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stink Bombs!

Warning: Disgusting dog poo image ahead!

Chow Chow has been having the runs for almost a week now. We suspect the culprit is the chicken liver that we fed him for dinner the other day. Sometimes when we couldn't bring him out of the house soon or often enough, he would eliminate in the balcony when he just couldn't hold it any longer.

He would bomb the balcony with his stinking poo a few times a day. Sometimes just within an hour after I had cleaned up his mess. The balcony floor was scrubbed and mopped a few times a day and it drove me, the undomestic goddess, up the wall! But I couldn't reprimand Chow Chow for it is not exactly his fault. We should be thankful he didn't do it all over the house!

As Chow Chow is outdoor-trained and not paper-trained, his poo will end up on the floor instead of the many pieces of newspapers that we spread on the floor. Sometimes if we are lucky, the poo landed on the papers and cleaning up is made a tad easier.

Since he is pooping in balcony, Chow Chow probably also thinks he could release the pressure of his bladder there too. I'm concerned that Chow Chow is going to eliminate in the balcony from now on but hubby reckons he will stop once we start to feed him his food and water in the balcony again. He reasoned that dogs will not shit in the same place that he eats and vice versa. I'm back to leaving his food and water bowls in the balcony now. Hope the bad habit, and his diarrhea, will stop soon.


The FOUR Musketeers said...

How about you compound Chow chow at one area first ? Some dogs do do their business & where they eat at the same spot . yeap ! Now the current number is 4 ! Hope there were not be a FIVE ! :D

Lots of Loves ,

happy said...

Poor you, Chow Chow...hope your tummy will be fine soon.

serenitybb said...

Porr boy~ hope he recovers soon!

Hmmm, next time try Charcoal Pill as it helps to stops the diahorrea. Yogurts does helps too i heard~

Speedy Recovery - Chow Chow!

Maggie and Mitch said...

The runs are no fun, Chow Chow! We hope you feel better soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

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