Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Me Or The Dog

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today has been a fun but tiring Sunday for me. In the morning, Mummy and Daddy brought me to the dog park where I ran and played with all the doggies for a good one and a half hour. I got myself all nice and dirty as usual cos I just cannot resist jumping into the mud puddle under the shady tree. It's almost as good (and necessary) as sipping pina colada on a hot sunny day at the pool!

Bathing always make me sleepy. It must be the hot air blasting from the hair dryer that's making me so drowsy. After my weekly bath, I hang around the grandparents' house for a bit, begging for food at the dining table and the kitchen. Granddad relented eventually and gave me a couple of chicken meat. Granddad loves to feed table scraps to the dogs!

After a while, Mummy and Daddy brought me to the other grandparents' house. I was getting tired by then and took a quick nap under the coffee table. I heard they have a new kitten in the house and they kept it in one of the rooms, away from me, so that I cannot frighten the little pussy. Am I really so scary? I only want to go over and say hi and give my friendly Chow Chow sniff. But many people thought I will kill the little animals and eat them for dinner. Big dogs are always so misunderstood!

What totally tire me out was the obedience lesson in the afternoon. We did so much walking and sitting and stay and down. At one point I just lie there and didn't move. But Mummy was persistent to get me to continue with the lesson. She has high hopes for me. I overheard her conversation with Daddy in the car that she wants me to top my class!

I wish I could show you pictures or videos of my classes but photography and videography are not encouraged by the trainer.

I'll leave you with some interesting dog training videos from the popular It's Me Or The Dog TV programme. Mummy loves the show very much! I love the show too, cos the naughty doggies make me look like an angel even on my worst-behaving days.

Have a great week everyone!


Dana said...
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Gucci said...

Heyo Mr. Chow Chow!!

I saw you on Maggie & Mitch's blog [I know they call it Mitch and Maggie but I like ladies first hehe].

Thanks for posting the link to the It's Me or the Dog videoz!! That's my hooman's most favorite show on Aminal Planet...I kinda like it too because the boxers on there are such terrorz that I am a pretty princess by comparison. :]


Maggie and Mitch said...

We think you should have been allowed to meet that kitten, Chow Chow! We bet he would have liked you and played with you!
It sounds like your obedience training is coming along nicely!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

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