Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chow Chow goes to University

Hahaha....please don't be misled by the blog title! I am only attending doggy kindergarten for obedience, not some University!

On Saturday, Daddy and Mummy brought me to one of the nice gardens in the campus ground of the University near our house.

Can you guess what is this?

It's just me, Chow Chow! Can't wait to reach our destination!

Are we there yet?

We are finally at the garden!

Can't wait to explore the place!

I'm loving this place!

I even met a new friend - a super hyper Golden Retriever called Tolly, or something like that.

Hope Daddy and Mummy will bring me to this place again!

It's Me Or The Dog

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today has been a fun but tiring Sunday for me. In the morning, Mummy and Daddy brought me to the dog park where I ran and played with all the doggies for a good one and a half hour. I got myself all nice and dirty as usual cos I just cannot resist jumping into the mud puddle under the shady tree. It's almost as good (and necessary) as sipping pina colada on a hot sunny day at the pool!

Bathing always make me sleepy. It must be the hot air blasting from the hair dryer that's making me so drowsy. After my weekly bath, I hang around the grandparents' house for a bit, begging for food at the dining table and the kitchen. Granddad relented eventually and gave me a couple of chicken meat. Granddad loves to feed table scraps to the dogs!

After a while, Mummy and Daddy brought me to the other grandparents' house. I was getting tired by then and took a quick nap under the coffee table. I heard they have a new kitten in the house and they kept it in one of the rooms, away from me, so that I cannot frighten the little pussy. Am I really so scary? I only want to go over and say hi and give my friendly Chow Chow sniff. But many people thought I will kill the little animals and eat them for dinner. Big dogs are always so misunderstood!

What totally tire me out was the obedience lesson in the afternoon. We did so much walking and sitting and stay and down. At one point I just lie there and didn't move. But Mummy was persistent to get me to continue with the lesson. She has high hopes for me. I overheard her conversation with Daddy in the car that she wants me to top my class!

I wish I could show you pictures or videos of my classes but photography and videography are not encouraged by the trainer.

I'll leave you with some interesting dog training videos from the popular It's Me Or The Dog TV programme. Mummy loves the show very much! I love the show too, cos the naughty doggies make me look like an angel even on my worst-behaving days.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, November 28, 2008

More training videos by Gary Jackson

Sometime ago, Daddy found these dog training videos on YouTube. Mummy and Daddy tried to train me by applying the techniques in the video, but to no avail. You see, they are really not that good. And they are lazy too. That is why they need to fork out money so that THEY can be trained by a dog trainer on how to handle me.

For those of you who are not like my Mummy and Daddy and are smart, and hardworking enough, to save yourself some money - here's the dog training videos featuring the Australian dog trainer, Gary Jackson. You may be able to pick up the tips and train your furry friends yourself. And for the money you saved on professional dog training, you can spend them on yummy treats for your doggies!

Obedience Training

Mummy found a video on Facebook on my trainer, Mr Patrick. The video is a mini documentary that provides some insight into the job of a professional dog trainer.

See the exercises that the doggies have to do? Well, I'm just like one of them come every Sunday when I attend the lessons with Mummy and Daddy. My classmates are really a nice bunch of doggies of all ages, breeds, colours, shapes and sizes!

Notably, there's Wally, an 18-week-old Golden Retriever. I remember him cos he joined the class in the last minute like I did. He is a playful little puppy and we love to sniff at each other! Then there's a tiny pinscher puppy who is the smallest in size. I think he is not much bigger than my stuffed rabbit! There's also a Great Dane who was pretty shy. He barked a couple of times during class and encouraged two little doggies, Shih Tzus I think, to bark in return. I'm the best. I never bark. It really takes a lot for me to bark. And that is why my neighbours think I'm a great dog!

I'm looking forward to my class this Sunday so that I can meet my classmates and we will sniff and paw one another!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chow Chow and Mummy

I am pleased to tell everyone that Mummy and I are good chums again! Despite my naughty ways, Mummy will still love me no matter what! She tells me she love me everyday. And her anger usually subsides more quickly than I can finish my bones!

Today, we had a pretty good exercise. We practised walking on leash and I did my best to follow her cues. I only nip her legs lightly once. But she quickly pull me and made me sit. Okie, I think it's better to just behave myeslf. I mean it's really easy to walk by Mummy's side. And I was really proud of myself for ignoring the silly birds along our path.

Mummy's really nice to me. After we walked one round around the park, she said "OK" and released me to do what I want! End of the walking on leash exercise! Time for me sniff around, chase butterflies, graze on grass and the important pooping and peeing!

I hope this evening's walk will just be as nice with Daddy!

Pictures of Mummy and me on my evening walk.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dr Jerkyl and Mr Hyde

When I'm good, I'm very very good. When I'm bad, I'm your worst nightmare! I guess that's the way I am. I am usually very well-behaved at home. I just go about minding my own business, lazing at my fave corners in the house or just watch and follow Mummy wherever she goes. There is really not much action going around the house so I just conserve my energy and rest and nap. I do play with my toys but that is if I feel like it.

I love going out. Going for walks at the park and sniffing and exploring around. But I absolutely hate it when my parents pull me away from my distractions and keep getting me to walk by their side. I can't be too slow or lunge ahead or stray to the side. I must always remain on their left and sit when they stop. They call this practising and learnt all these horrible rules after they sign me up for obedience training. This is getting very tiring and boring! When they really pissed me off by pulling me away from chasing the birds or chewing the grass, I would bite at their ankles and legs. I would jump up at them too. And they make me even angrier when they knee me or pull me up by the leash. And they will never fail to get me to SIT. "SIT" is their fave word, after "NO". Fine, maybe they will be better to me after I rest my butt on the ground.

I have been feeling moody after a rather unpleasant walk with Mummy yesterday. We fought rather badly and Mummy is angry with me again. I gave her a few bruises on the thigh and knee. Well, if she is angry then I am unhappy with her too!

What are you doing with that camera?

I have no mood to play ok...

I rather lie on the floor all day.

Mummy even took a video of me.

I am one moody chow chow....

Monday, November 24, 2008

I thrashed the house!

Mummy still hasn't figured out my toilet habits it seems. I thought she and daddy could tell that I need to go when I start pacing the house and getting restless. But whenever I tried to tell them I need to go, they just ignore me. Or they will tell me to hold it! When a dog has to go, he has to go!

Many times there were accidents but at least I make sure I did it in the balcony! And I tried to aim at the newspapers laid on the floor though my aiming skills still need some polishing!

There was one time, I had to go outdoor for my pooping so badly I was going crazy! Mummy and daddy are already in bed and the bedroom door is closed. So there is really no way I could tell them the urgency. I start chewing on the toilet paper roll I found on the sofa. It was fun and a great way to distract my mind from pooping. I got so excited I even jumped onto the sofa and kicked away the cushions. I even managed to steal a chew at the Yakult bottle on the coffee table! After what seems like a long time in my new found joy of thrashing the hall, I felt the urgency to poop has returned. I quickly jumped off the sofa and rushed to the balcony to relieve myself.

A while later, while I was minding my own business in the hall, Mummy came out of the room. She gasped when she saw what I had done and was very very upset. She frowned at me and asked me why I did it. C'mon, isn't the answer obvious? I felt a stab of guilt as she peered down on me. I just managed to give her the best sheepish look I can managed. I even stayed out of her way when she grabbed the vacuum cleaner and mop. I just looked at her in a corner and hoping she will give me a smile and a pat.

She did that eventually after the hall and balcony is cleaned. I curled up near her feet, under the coffee table while she watched a bit of TV. It was almost 6am.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another weekend

Times flies and another weekend has passed!

I didn't have my bath this weekend cos my parents are just too lazy. They didn't bring me to the regular dog park this weekend and they thought since I didn't get myself all muddy and dirty, I can skip a week of bathing. I think I should be grateful for their laziness, eh!

On Saturday, I was chilling out in the study with Daddy when I heard a dog barking! The sound was so loud and real, I thought there was a doggy pal in the house! I was so excited I started barking "hey, where are you doggy pal?!" I search the entire study but there is no dog in sight. I rushed out to the hall and there was not a single dog too. Now, where did that dog go to? Just then, Daddy told me there is no real dog in the house. Just a barking sound from the speakers! He was surfing the doggyfriend website and there's where the barking sound comes from! Now I see! It makes me kinda disappointed. I haven't seen my doggy pals, or any dogs for that matter this week. Not even the snobbish Coco. I miss sniffing their butts.

On Sunday, Daddy took me for my morning walk and he let me run unleashed in the open field near our house. Maybe he felt bad for not bringing me to the dog park! It was fun at first but after a while I got bored. It is just never the same without my doggy pals around.

Mummy and Daddy also got me a piece of raw meaty pork bone to chew on. It's my very first raw bone and I love it! I took a long time time chewing on it and it's just so fun and yummy! More meaty bones please!

Sharing The Love award

I received my first ever award today! Many thanks to Paco & Milo! Mummy and Daddy would be so proud of me!

This lovely award is created by Crystal @ Memoirs of a Mommy in honor of Noah and the donor of his sweet little heart who ENCOURAGES us to SHARE THE LOVE! Thanks Crystal! [Click on Memoirs of a Mommy to learn and read this special love story!] The rules for this award are to pass it along to some people whose blogs you love. They make you laugh, smile, leave encouraging comments on your blog. You would like to share some love with them because they have uplifted, inspired, encouraged or prayed for you. Please include this paragraph with the link to Memoirs of a Mommy so that everyone knows where this award originated from.

I would like to pass this wonderful award to:
Maggie and Mitch
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Thanks guys for all your nice words and dropping by my blog so regularly! I love all your blogs!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is Chow Chow blogging...

For a change, Mummy is letting me blog! My guess is that she is greatly amused and influenced by the lovely dog blogs out there and thus decided to let me hold the reins since I'm a big (and good) boy, all of 7th months old now! Hello world, this is Chow Chow, your captain speaking!

See, even my blog template has changed! How do you like it?

Today, I shall blog about my weekly routine - bathing! I don't hate it, neither am I wild about it. I guess the best part of a bath is the aftermath when you feel so fresh and clean. No more itching and scratching! For the first few hours at least.

My Daddy is the one bathing me from now on. It used to be both Mummy and Daddy but Mummy's eczema has flared up real badly (apparently I was part of the cause) and so Daddy has decided to have the sole honour of bathing yours truly! As for Mummy, she can stand around and watch, I don't mind. Most of the time, she tries to make herself useful by holding onto my leash tightly so that I can't escape from the water and from Daddy's foamy hands.

This is a picture taken by Mummy. She wanna show the world how to bath a filthy dog like me.

See how much smaller I look when my fur is wet? So please do not think that I am fat. It's just the fur!

Okie, I know I look horrible with half my face caked with mud. Mud's supposed to be good for the skin, isn't it? I'm actually having my weekly mud facial mask!

I so do not look like myself in this picture! Such a unglamourous shot!

Daddy's cleaning off my mud mask. I hate what he is doing but I better keep still. It will be over before I know it! Just don't let the water get into my eyes!

I love the washing of my belly!

More washing! Daddy's complaining about me going into the mud puddle. He was telling mummy he doesn't intend to bring me to the dog park if I keep jumping into the mud puddle!

Please bring me to the dog park! I promise not to go into the mud puddle...for the first 5 minutes! Hahahahahaha!

Shaking water everywhere,
Chow Chow

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chow Chow and Harry

Ever so often, Chow Chow has his fair share of doggy pals he met at the dog park, who like to chase him after the initial sniffing around. Likewise, Chow Chow sometimes would set his eyes on particular dogs and then go over to sniff, follow and chase.

In fact, Chow Chow has been chasing and trying to get on top of this particular black female airedale, causing much panic to the poor dog and half-amusement plus half-annoyance to the owner - a bespectacled American guy who is too polite to tell us off to get Chow Chow off his dog's back.

Then there was another time when Chow Chow was giving far too much attention to this little greyhound, scaring the poor dog and her skinny legs were shivering.

This time, Chow Chow has a taste of his own medicine when a dog named Harry kept following him for a good two hours or so ever since Chow Chow stepped into the dog park. Even his owner admitted that her dog is just so in love with Chow Chow. No other dog can distract Harry from tailing Chow Chow. We could see that sometimes Chow Chow was irritated with his new shadow and was trying to shake off his faithful follower.

Harry: Hey Chow Chow, where are you heading to?
Chow Chow: Nowhere in particular...

Harry: You're off to the other mud puddle?
Chow Chow: Yeah, but you don't have to come along...

Harry: Oh but I do wanna follow you!
Chow Chow: Are you kidding me? I'm so filthy no one wants to come near me!

Harry: Just let me sniff at your muddy butt one more time!
Chow Chow: Gah!!!!

Chow Chow: Ok, I'll let you sniff mine, if you let me sniff yours!
Harry: Deal!

Harry: You smell good! The mud really enhance the scent!
Chow Chow: Are you done yet? You are embarassing me in front of my daddy!

Chow Chow: Now can you get out of my way?
Harry: Oh c'mon, I'm not gonna let you get away.

Chow Chow: Hey listen to me, how about we make a deal. You go that way when I count to three.
Harry: Sure! I'd love a new game!

Chow Chow: You are supposed to go that way, buddy!
Harry: Not so fast, little furry one...

Chow Chow: Just get out of my way, you hear?
Harry: No way, not even if you push me down and offer me a big juicy bone!

Chow Chow: Ok, listen up, I have fleas...
Harry: Fleas? Are they yummy?

Chow Chow: They are nasty little buggers that make you itch like crazy!
Harry: Oh you poor thing!

Chow Chow: Boo hoo... thanks for your shoulder to cry on. You better not come near me anymore.
Harry: Hey, that's ok...what's a little fleas among friends? Besides, I can't seem to find any fleas on you to be honest.

Chow Chow: (trying to change subject) Check out that Samoyed! What say you we go and sniff his fluffy white butt?
Harry: That one? I don't know...that much fur may make me sneeze...

Harry: I rather sniff yours!

Chow Chow: Hey Harry, that's quite enough for today. My daddy's calling me now. I gotta go!
Harry: So soon?! I wanna come home with you!

Sensing that Chow Chow was pretty annoyed by his stalker, we decided to head home for his bath. Never have I seen Chow Chow so eager to follow us to the gate when we call out to him to go home!

As for Harry, he trailed Chow Chow all the way to the gate and tried to hump Chow Chow right in front of us! Poor Chow Chow, was he glad to leave the dog park that very second!

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