Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's a sad, sad day

Mummy was feeling more emotional than other days recently. No thanks to a series of sad events that happened to the wonderful people we know.

First, the bad news from Huskee and Hershey's mummy really shocked us. Mummy was really worried and surfed the web to search for answers and success stories when Aunt Shane told Mummy the bad news. She was searching and hoping for a miracle desperately. And when she found out through Huskee's blog about baby Chloe's departure, Mummy sobbed so much. She was looking forward to the arrival of baby Chloe in October as she believed Chloe and baby Amanda would make good playmates together when they meet. Now, she only wishes Aunt Shane and Uncle Mark would take good care and never give up hope. She knows very well in her heart that wonderful people like them (even though Mummy has yet to meet them in person) will be great parents and that they will be blessed with the love and joy that they deserve.

Then this morning, we found out that lovely Toshi (Mummy's friend's young labrador) has passed away. Toshi is a handsome and spunky dog that never fails to melt Mummy's heart. We don't have much details except that he never woke up again after his minor surgery. We hope he is running happily and free from pain at the rainbow bridge.

And then there are the sad news from Hollywood. Farah Fawcett has lost her battle to anal cancer and Michael Jackson, the pop legend, passed away in his mansion due to cardiac arrest. Mummy isn't a huge fan of Michael Jackson but she has lots of respect for his hard work and a part of her always believe Mr Jackson is a good man and was a victim of his circumstances amidst all his bad press.

Here's a video of Mummy's favourite Jackson Five's song, featuring the young Michael Jackson on lead vocals.

And last but not least, this is Mummy's favourite Michael Jackson song since she was 7 years old.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top 8 Most Outrageous Pet Digs - Animal Planet Videos

What can I say? Man's best friend deserves the very best! Get it, Mummy?!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Springtime" at Yunnan Garden

One of my regular "off-leash" park, besides the West Coast Dog Run, is the Yunnan Garden in the University grounds near our house. Since the place is huge and not many people (and hardly any dogs) go there, Daddy thought it should be safe for me to run in the park unleashed. I love to go there for a morning or evening run. The air is always fresh and there are lots of interesting plants for me to sniff and to pee at. My parents will go for their walks and I will run around them, showing off my running prowess and how fast and far I can leap over the drains. Sometimes I will roll in the grass to show that I am having tons of fun as well as to get their attention.

Doesn't it look like Spring time?

I love to get Daddy to play Tag with me!

Hiding amongst my favourite bush.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More puppies to help!

Romeo's Mummy has been very kind to 16 doggies and would like as many people as possible to extend a helping hand to save these poor puppies. In her note to Mummy, she wrote:

You can help save 16 lives.

16 puppies have been rescued from a construction site. While construction was ongoing, dogs were kept at the site as guard dogs. Now that the construction has been completed and everyone has left, the poor dogs and their offspring are left to fend for themselves.

The pups are only about a month old and need alot of love and care.

Please let me know if you or any one you know might be interested in adopting these little beauties, many of which look like labradors. Anyone who can foster the dogs while a home is found for them should call me!

They are currently housed at a farm in Pasir Ris and you can visit them and help out or drop by to donate doggy items.

Let me know!

Now, if you are residing in Singapore and is able to adopt, foster, visit, or donate something to help the puppies, please feel free to comment on my blog and Mummy will give you the details. The puppies will be very grateful!!

This weekend, Mummy and Daddy are planning to visit these puppies with some food. If I behave myself and not try to run away again, maybe they will bring me along too!

True Colours Thursday - Ivory

I haven't been playing True Colours Thursday for a long while. I hope Blue is not too disappointed with the dwindling contributions. I will try my best to keep up with this wonderful game!

Okie, colour for this week is the the interesting Ivory, a beautiful and elegant shade that reminds me of vanilla ice cream and wedding dresses! Let's see if I can find any Ivory around me....

An ivory satin ring pillow which my parents used for their wedding.

Mummy in her ivory cheongsam.

An ivory bath tub! I wouldn't mind having my bath in it!

A huge ivory building!

An ivory Sake jar/bottle

Yummy mango pudding served in a big ivory bowl. Slurp!

An ivory jellyfish!

A huge vanilla ice cream! Can I have a bite please?

Cha Cha, the cream Chow Chow!

Mummy's ivory wedding dress

Last but not least, ivory roses. I bet they smell lovely!

That's all the Ivory I can find this week. Hope you like this delightful pale shade as much as I do!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I ran away again...

For the 5th time. Or was it the 6th?

This morning, Ddady took me out for my usual morning walk. Something was tickling me and I started to spin around trying to shake it away. Daddy doesn't like my spinning cos he thinks I'm acting crazy again. He tugged at the leash and my somehow my collar came loose and I was off-leashed! Woohoo...I love to be free! And I ran away as fast as I could, enjoying the little breeze in my fur. Daddy tried to get me back but no way am I going to let him catch me so easily. I need to enjoy my freedom first! Daddy gave up looking for me after I disappeared from his sight and he couldn't find me anywhere. I'm really good at hide and seek!

Poor Daddy had to break the bad news to Mummy who was still asleep. When Mummy heard that I was gone, she leaped out of bed immediately and wanted to go and find me. Daddy was worried to see Mummy so emotional and he didn't want her to go and chase after me, in case she hurt herself. Mummy could spot me throtting happily across the basketball court downstairs to the opposite block and off again Daddy goes to look for me.

Mummy was so worried she kept watch at the balcony hoping to see me. 15 minutes later, Daddy managed to find me and put the collar on me again cos I was too tired to run away from him and I wanted to go home as well. Mummy was so happy to Daddy and me returning home, but she never fail to give me a light slap on my furry butt and stared at me fiercely with her teary eyes.

As for me, I was so hot, thirsty and tired I collapsed onto the cool balcony floor and slurp at my water bowl heartily.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Mummy & Daddy

My friend Honey, has tagged me to play in a game to post and tell everyone about my real mummy and daddy. Well, I don't know where my real chow parents or siblings are, except that I was born in Victoria, Australia. I was sent to Singapore when I was just several weeks old and the only humans I can remember so far are the pet shop workers and my first adoptive humans - a young dance instructor and his girlfriend. I wish I can be like Honey and have more information or memories of my real family, but sadly I don't. Sometimes I do wonder where they are and how they are doing, but most of the time, I just wonder when my human daddy is coming home so that I can sniff at his socks and welcome him home with my wagging tail.

Well then, let me tell you how I found my current humans instead! My first set of humans had no time to take care of me so they decided to put up a few posts online to help me look for a new home. I was only 5 months old. My current Mummy saw one of the online posts and decided to call up and arrange to meet me on the very same day. A few hours later, my current humans turned up and some words and papers were exchanged and then very quickly, I followed my current humans to their car and off we go to my new home!

First week in my current humans' apartment.

Frankly, I thought I was just going for a spin with these humans. I've never been in the backseat of a car before and I love the novelty of looking out of the car window! Less than half an hour later, my humans led me to their apartment and I was getting scared! This house looks different from where I lived! I panicked but it was too late and the humans already locked the gate and I couldn't escape. I ran around the house trying to look for something familiar. But nothing is familiar. I was so scared, I peed and pooped right in the living room! My Mummy freaked out and groaned in dismay and that made me feel even more scared. I ran around again and stepped onto my own pee and left nasty paw and pee prints all over the living room. Thank god, the humans already rolled up their carpet and kept it in one corner. And when Mummy took out the mop to clean up the place, I thought she wanted to play tug of war and started to bite at the mop and refused to let go! That wasn't a very good start for me and my Mummy who has never owned a dog in her life. Of course the first two weeks was nightmarish for my Mummy, especially since I still peed and poop in the house.

Me in my dreaded crate. I'm glad to announce that I can no longer fit into this crate and Nono the cat has inherited it now.

Oh and I remembered the first night, my humans put me in my crate before they go to bed. They switched off all the lights and ignored my whining, hoping I will fall asleep soon. But I was just too excited to sleep! My Mummy crept out of the room and hid in a corner to peep at me. She thought I didn't see her but I did! And I was wondering why she was behaving like a rat! Turned out she was worried the weather was too hot for me to sleep and she put a fan near my crate so that I can at least enjoy some cool air.

It seems like such a long time but it was only 9 months ago when I found my current humans. I'm not too keen to change humans anytime soon and sometimes I do get a bit worried when my humans leave me at the grandparents' place and left the house without me. A part of me hoped desperately that they will return soon so I can feel assured and safe again.

And now for the fun part! I shall tag Hershey, Romeo, Dino and Pipa in the game to tell us about their daddy and mummy! And/Or if you don’t know much about them, then tell us about how you found your humans - and your first day in your new home!

Please sign my guestbook!