Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Evil Cat

Just a few mornings ago, Mummy and I were out for a walk when we encountered The Evil Cat.

We first ran into it when I was just minding my own business near a block of flats. There, The Evil Cat, suddenly appeared from behind a pillar and stared at me. Mummy quickly dragged me away and we continued our walk on the other side of the neighbourhood. Just two or three blocks away, we bumped into The Evil Cat again. This time I returned his rude glare and he immediately arched his back, ready to pounce on me. Mummy promptly pull me away so that I do not get the chance to provoke this nasty feline.

We purposely took a big detour to avoid The Evil Cat and on our way home, The Evil Cat appeared again and it decided to follow us! The faster we walked away, the faster the cat followed us. Just after we crossed a street and Mummy turned back to see where the The Evil Cat was, she was shocked to see the cat crossing the street and approaching us with its menancing glare. Before we know it, the Evil Cat ran over to attack me! I was caught off-guard and was doing my best to get away from its constant, crazy scratching. Mummy shooed and waved and shouted at The Evil Cat, but it refused to go away. Mummy had to literally dragged me and ran away from The Evil Cat. When we reached our block, The Evil Cat was nowhere in sight. Thank dog, I was not hurt. I think my thick coat protected me from the constant scratchings.

Mummy is begining to dislike our neighbourhood. Firstly, the number of stray cats is increasing and it's hard to walk me when I get easily distracted and excited at the sight of a cat. Some of the strays are fierce. They never run away when they see me. Instead they will hunch and puff up to show me they are the boss. Secondly, many people in our neighbourhood like to comment whenever they see me. They will point their fingers at me and tell their kids that I am so big, I will bite them or that I am so scary. These people are so rude! Nowadays, Mummy doesn't bother telling the people that I don't bite. If the comments are too rude, she will just tell me out loud (enough for the people to hear) to ignore these STUPID people. I think she is waiting to fight with somebody one of these days.

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