Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking back 2008

2008 was quite an eventful year not just for my family, but also for the rest of the world. I don't think I will ever forget this very special year.

Here's a recap of 2008 for us:

January - My parents had their wedding ceremony, just in time before the "Year of the Pig" passes by. The "Year of the Pig" was considered an auspicious year for my parents to get hitched.

February - Poor Mummy got retrenched from her job cos her agency lost the account that she was servicing due to some global alignment and the entire team had to go. Thankfully, Daddy got his promotion and pay raise!

March - My parents went to Japan for their honeymoon!

April - I was born on 12 April 2008 in Victoria, Australia.

May - Mummy left the horrible new job that she found cos it was making her depressed and miserable everyday. She decided to be a 'pseudo lady of leisure' instead.

June - Great-grandma was hospitalised and the family got a new helper to help take care of the old lady.

July - Great-grandma was in and out of the hospital and was terribly ill. Everyone were worried. Even my Aunt TR came back from Hong Kong to visit great-grandma very often. July was also the month I came to Singapore. I was sent to a pet shop called Pets Safari at VivoCity (the shop that I suggested Honey's Mummy to check out while she was in Singapore AND this is also the very place where Huskee's Mummy met me). I was sold to a Chinese young man and his girlfriend.

August - This is a sad month. The Chinese young man was unable to take good care of me due to his unforseen hectic schedule and had to give me up just after two weeks! Great-grandma also passed away on the last day of the lunar 'seventh month'.

September - My parents found me online and decided to adopt me! I was brought back to my forever home on 23 September 2008.

October - I was sterilized at The Animal Clinic at Sunset Way by Dr Megumi Kodera. This is a major milestone in my life.

November - I was enrolled for Obedience Training class. I love meeting all the doggies in my class. I'm the only friendly one that says hi to every dog! My parents also groomed me for the very first time using a clipper!

December - I've embarked on my raw diet which Mummy firmly believed will give me optimum health! I had my first Christmas which was pawesome! On a bad note, I was shaven down for the first time by my evil parents and I look like a cross between a circus lion freak and a mutated Chinese Crested Dog with skin problem! My parents are deeply regretful for their action! Mummy also had enough of fun and her days of being a 'lady who lunch' and is more than ready to get back to the corporate world. But it's bad timing cos the market right now is just hopeless. Let's keep our paws, fingers, toes and eyes crossed for a better year in 2009! My biggest wish for now - may my fur grow 10x the usual rate!

Tuesday Treats: Mini Surf & Turf Pumpkin Sandwiches

Never judge a treat by its looks.

Sorry about this horrible picture. These are actually the Mini Surf & Turf Pumpkin Sandwiches which Mummy baked for me. They looked totally gross, especially with the egg mixture gooing and flowing out like that. BUT they are exceptionally yummy! How so? Just have a look at the recipe!

Sandwich thinly sliced pork and salmon with two thin slices of pumpkin. Coat it with an egg mixture and bake it at 220 for half an hour.

I wish Mummy would make more of this for me but she said fanciful baked treats like these are actually not that ideal cos she is totally sold on the idea of rawfeeding. So instead of baking those pork and salmon, she will just feed them raw to me. But not to worry, there will still be baked treats for me, just that it would be simple fare like oven-dried beef jerky which is just as irresistible!


For my raw diet today:
One piece of pig ear
192g of pork thigh meat
Half a huge piece of pork maw

Monday, December 29, 2008

Rest In Peace, Paw Paw

Mummy came across Martha Stewart's blog entry on her Chow Chow Paw Paw, when she was surfing the Web for info on Chow Chow's fur growth (I'll fill you in on why she is doing this in a later post).


It was a very sad but sweet tribute to Paw Paw who passed away on April 12 this year, the day that I was born coincidentally.

Mummy was crying and that silly woman started to think of the day when I die! So morbid! But I guess it's sad news like that that reminds the humans to love us doggies more and cherish our time together.

May Paw Paw rest in peace and run free with the other happy doggies at the Rainbow Bridge.

In case you are too lazy to check out Martha Stewart's entry, here are some pictures of Paw Paw in his final moments.

One week before Paw Paw passed away, in his final smile.

Last picture with his siblings.

He didn't want to eat or dream....just needed to sleep.

The day before he left the world.

Paw Paw and Martha Stewart

Paw Paw on his last day.

Poor Paw Paw in the body bag.

Paw Paw's grave.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's been quite a journey

The year is almost coming to an end. Time really flies!

Mummy is thankful for having me in their lives. She loves me more and more each day and I do think our relationship has improved. She hope that in 2009, I will be happier, healthier, responds to their commands and will not try to run away from home again. Daddy often wonder what goes on in my head. My parents are really keen to try and understand me more. Frankly, I'm a simple dog. Humans just like to think that things are more complicated that what they really are.

Daddy has brought me more often to the dog parks. Mummy has stopped giving me the boring kibbles and instead is feeding me with delicious homecooked and raw food. Oh, and I have more toys now. If this keeps up, 2009 is surely gonna be a better year!

I wish Daddy would bring me out to play more often. And it would be better if we can go on paws instead of taking his car. I hate car rides, even though they try to make me feel better by calling it the Chowmobile. I also wanna get more hugs from Daddy and hope he will play with me more than he plays with the stupid machine called Xbox. Oooooh and do allow me to have a dip in the mud puddle too!

I hope Mummy would make me more yummy meals and quit teasing me with her treats. Just give them all to me! And also, please don't torture me by making me wait for my dinner to cool. The smell of the food is killing me! And last but not least, let granddad feed me the table scraps!

I wish 2009 will be a much better year for everyone! May all my doggy pals stay playful, healthy and happy. May all my doggy classmates (including me) pass our Obedience Test will flying colours so that we won't have to do the boring commands and practise everyday. May my family (grandpa, grandma, aunt BB, uncle MQ, granddad, grandmum, Coco, aunt TR, uncle Phil, Gary and Gavin) stay blissful and happy. Granddad's helper, Aunt Lailai has left for her hometown and is not coming back again. I didn't have the chance to take pictures with her but I will remember her fondly as the nice lady who feed me and worry if the ants are gonna bite me when I'm out in the garden at night. I wish her all the best!

Lastly, may Mummy get a job she loves soon and may Daddy get healthier and no more annoying hives! The news reports can tell us bad news everyday but as long as we stay positive and count our blessings, we'll be in for the best time of our lives!

Cheers to 2009!


Today's meal:
Steamed fishes with baked honey-glazed potatoes
Treats: Oven-dried beef jerky + apples

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Purple Ribbon

My parents have a warped sense of humour. They took a purple ribbon and tied it to my tail, those annoying buggers!

They say it looks good on me. But I hope I don't look gay (not that I have anything against them!).

Do you have parents that do silly things like that to you?

I'll have the chance to remove the ribbon when they are not looking. I much prefer to have the purple ribbon between my teeth than tied to my tail.


Homecooked meals for the weekends! I had:
Steamed minced pork with potatoes, beef knuckles and an egg!
Treats: Baked Liver and Egg Crisps + Oven-dried Beef Jerky

Friday, December 26, 2008

Do Not Disturb


Started my Raw Diet today. I ate:
100g of pig tail
One big meaty pork bone
One piece of pig ear
Treats: Baked Liver and Egg Crisps

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! The day is finally here, after all the shopping for Christmas pressies, preparing the Christmas decorations and putting up the Christmas tree! This is my very first Christmas and it ain't too shabby, I must say! My favourite part of Christmas? The food and pressies, of course!

This is my very first Christmas tree!

Meet Ginger Girl, Mummy's Christmas gift to me! Isn't she lovely?

Here's Mummy and me. If you can tell, I was busy playing and chewing on Ginger Girl's feet.

Maggie and Mitch's Christmas ornament. Mummy hung it low so that I can see and sniff at it whenever I want.

And here are some of Mummy and my favourite Christmas ornaments on the tree:

Mummy made me a sumptous Christmas meal - a steaming hot stew of minced pork, sliced beef knuckles, diced carrots and pig ears strips! It is really delicious!!

My parents wanted to bring me to the beach for some swimming but Daddy was tired and sleepy cos he went out for dinner, dessert and then to a jazz club with his friends and Mummy last night (without me) and so he slept the entire afternoon away. No swimming for me but at least they make it up by bringing me to the dog park in the late afternoon. I met some new doggy pals and had a great time chasing some puppies!

I'm embarking on my raw diet from tomorrow onwards! I'm excited!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday Treats: Momopeach Fruity Cubes

Mummy was kind enough to share her momopeaches with me! She tried to be creative by putting small pieces of diced momopeaches in the ice tray, fill the tray up with water and freeze them in the fridge.

The result is momopeach in ice cube! It was fun at first to lick and bite at the ice cube and then getting to eat the little fruit pieces inside. However, my patience ran out after the second cube. Certainly not for the restless and impatient doggies! Besides, the momopeach is not very sweet so the whole treat is not enticing enough for doggies with a sweet tooth, like me! Mummy is going to try an alternative - instead of just water, she's goinna freeze fruit juice with the fruit pieces together! How fabulous! I can't wait to try that!

Monday, December 22, 2008

One Bored Dog

Most days, I am very bored at home. And so is Mummy :P Thus she made this video of me just hanging out at home.


Paco and Milo has given me another fabulous award!

The award states that "This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships!" In other clearer words, "These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

The award was started in Portugal and because of it's meaning we are going to award it to some of our far away readers. (there are more than eight, but we're sure it doesn't matter!)

And so I would like to pass on this award to the following fantastic eight:
1. The Four Musketeers from Singapore
2. Honey from New Zealand
3. Dino from Taiwan
4. Ludo from UK
5. Aki from the Philippines
6. Maggie and Mitch from USA
7. Happy from Malaysia
8. Thor from Brazil

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My first Christmas Pawty

Last weekend, I was invited to a Christmas dinner pawty at Uncle Kong's house. Mummy and Uncle Kong and the rest of the guests used to work together in an advertising agency many years ago and even after they have all left the company, they still keep the tradition of meeting up for a Christmas dinner every year.

Everyone were very excited to see me!

Uncle Kong's Mummy, Grandma Kong, loves me so much she couldn't stop petting and hugging me! She said she loves Chow Chows, especially after she watched on TV the lovely Chow Chows owned by Martha Stewart!

They let me explore the house and even the rooms!

And so the inspection begins...

Nice place, Uncle Kong! Your house is spick and span!

The house is roomy and cozy with a very nice country look. There are also many plants in the house so it makes me feel like I am visiting a lovely park!

Not everyone is happy to see me though. Aunt K is scared of dogs and when she saw me, she was terrified! I had to be leashed in a corner while the human enjoy their dinner! Bummer!

Luckily I was released after their dinner. They all felt bad for neglecting me.

I was at my best behaviour that night. Everyone were impressed! Even Aunt K!

The Star of the Pawty

Check out those plants!

Everyone call me a vegetarian dog! Truth is, I was just picking out the best leaves for the host.

I was smart enough to know this is a Christmas tree. I didn't pee on it or bite the leaves.

Uncle K gave me some apples...

I love these apples, they were bought by Uncle Kong's wife in Japan! She bought lots of good stuff from Japan cos she goes there all the time for work.

Thanks guys! But why is everyone looking at me while I eat? I can't possibly spill the apples can I?

This is a great pawty! The entire night's conversation was on pets and me! For once, they didn't complain about work! Uncle Kong loves me so much, he asked my parents to let me board at his house if they have to go for holidays!

Are you calling me? I kept hearing my name!

I met a little Bichon doggy who lives next door.

I don't have a picture of the Bichon to show you but I can tell you she is cute! She has some skin problems though and all the hair on her face are gone, so she looked a little strange. But she is one smart dog! She could paw the air like she is waving when the humans say "byebye"!

This is the perfect Christmas pawty for me!

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