Monday, April 27, 2009

A ride in Grandpa's car

Have I ever mentioned that I don't particularly enjoy car rides? I find them highly uncomfortable and I hate the bumps and humps on the road. If I really have to get on the dreaded car, I would rather be in the backseat, alone or with Mummy, instead of the tiny space called the boot.

Just the other day, my grandparents were out of town and Daddy decided to drive us to the Botanical Garden in grandpa's car. A car's engine cannot be left alone for long period of time, if not, they may turn cranky and you will not be able to start the car when you need to. And so we gave grandpa's car engine the little exercise it needed by driving the car to the nearest park. I think grandpa's car is not too bad. At least my parents did not stuff me in the boot. I got to cuddle up in the backseat with Mummy. My parents were a little worried that my muddy paws would dirty the beige seats but there's nothing a little water and towel can't fix right? So loosen up guys!

Daddy stopped by Cluny Court on our way home to get his favourite chocolate cake. After a couple of seconds, Mummy got restless and whipped out her camera and started to take pictures of us both. I must say all the pictures turned out horribly! It's either too dark or only our foreheads or chins were captured. Here's the best of the worst - so you can imagine the rest. And please pardon Mummy's oily face.

Now give me a break...I had enough of all the cuddling!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Fine Day

One fine day in March, my parents were in a jolly mood (it was their anniversary) and they decided to bring me to the Botanical Garden for a walk. I love exploring new places and although I've been to the Botanical Garden before, we took a different route this time and I truly enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells!

A new plant! Nice smell!

Look at this low road sign. Finally, someone has the brains to make road signs low enough for dogs to see!

Which way should I go?

Maybe I should head the direction of the restaurants!

Are we there yet?

Nice pond! Where are the froggies?

It's a warm day afterall. Should I take a dip in the pond?

On second thought, I'd better not. I don't want my luscious mane to get wet in public!

Check out the other doggies!

Hey there, fellas! Shall we have a race?

At least let me say hi!

Really nice park! If only I can go off leash!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Save these puppies!

Mummy got an email from her friend about the plight of a group of puppies.

These puppies and their mom are at Kallang Industrial Park for the past week or so now and they are in desperate need of a home cos where they are hanging out, there are all these trucks and cars going about and these puppies have no idea that the cars and trucks are dangerous! Just recently, one of the puppies accidentally fell into a drain and drowned!

So please, if you are living in Singapore, either adopt one or pass on to your friends so they can all be saved...incidentally, the pups are all coming to an age where their mom will soon abandon them cos that's how it is so...

If you are interested, please either call Christina at 9747 8468 or email her at

Thanks so much.

Just look at these puppies. Aren't they the most adorable bunch? They need a loving home soon, so please save them if you can!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet The Cat

My aunt Josephine has adopted a cat a while back. The cat is named Nono, after a Taiwanese comedian, but I seriously think he lacks a sense of humour. Nono is around my age, I think, and he is the most unsociable cat ever! The first time we met, he looked really pissed off at my intrusion and was all puffed up like a overstuffed furball. Then he showed me his sharp fangs and hissed at me, pretending to be a cobra. I was like, "C'mom kitty, kitty, let's be friends!" But the serious cat stretched out his paws and his claws sharp and ready to poke my handsome face. Now, this cat is not only rude, he gets jealous too easily!

Mummy's family was so worried that both of us would get hurt and decided that if we were to meet face-to-face, there has to be some safety barriers. And so, the silly cat had to retreat to his room or put inside his cage (which was originally mine) wherever yours truly goes to visit.

I still try to say hi to him whenever I pop by grandma's place. Maybe after a while he would change his mind to be nicer to me. In the meantime, I still help myself to Nono's food since it is lying there untouched. I love fresh fish and pork!

I'm Back!

Hi guys! I'm back in action once again! First of all, I'm very very sorry for my disappearing act. Fret not, I'm well and alive! Frankly, this is all my mummy's fault. She has been extremely busy with work and was so tired that she hardly can find time to blog for me.

During my "disappearance" from blogosphere, some things have happened. Don't worry, they are not totally bad things. Just stuffs that were not expected. But it's all good. where should I start filling you in on all my adventures in the last two months? Oh, I turned ONE on 12 April! That makes me a big boy now! But Mummy still like to call me "baby Chow Chow".

In March, I was invited to my friend Romeo's first birthday pawty! That's my very first doggy birhday pawty! Mummy and I were really excited and looking forward to it. Mummy even rushed out to buy the birthday pressies way in advanced. However, an accident happened to me on the morning of the pawty and I couldn't go in the end. What happened was that Daddy was playing with me in the garden and I guess we were getting too rowdy. I jumped onto Daddy repeatedly, challenging him and he pined me down to the ground. I was enjoy that bit of a man-to-man wrestling, when I suddenly felt a sharp pain. I yelped and Daddy quickly let go. Before I knew it, my front right leg hurt like mad and I had to limp my way around. I just couldn't put any pressure on my front paw like normal. This is no fun.

Mummy and Daddy were so worried. Daddy kept apologizing to me and I just looked at him helplessly. It was Sunday and no vet were available to have a look at my leg. Bummer. I was in no condition to go and mingle with the other doggies at Romeo's pawty. I think Mummy was sadder than I was.

Nevertheless, Mummy still went to Romeo's pawty to pass him the pressies from us. Romeo, I do hope you like the little toy and snack. Romeo's Mummy was so kind to give me two generous boxes of doggy goodies. Mummy fed them to me the minute she reached home and I finished everything in seconds! I love the meatloaf, the cookies, the muffin, the mini pizza, everything!

The next day, Daddy brought me to the vet and the vet said there is no need for an x-ray! Hmmmm...... doesn't she need to see if my poor bones were ok? Anyway, she just gave me some painkillers and told Daddy not to let me move around too much. And true enought, after several days, I was ok again and no longer limping.

Oh well, that's my little accident at home and I hope it won't ever happen again. Anyway, here's picture of Romeo, the handsome birthday boy and his birthday cake!

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