Friday, January 8, 2010

Everybody loves Chow Chow

About a month after the arrival of Baby Amanda, my pawrents threw a party in the house to celebrate the addition of our newest family member with our relatives and friends. Daddy was worried that I might plan another escape during the party cos the front gate will always be opened as the flow of guests arrive at different times throughout the 2-day party. Daddy decided to put a mini gate made up of two panels of the dog gate at the door so that the "double doors" will prevent me from sneaking out of the house easily.

Trust me, it wasn't easy to sneak out of the house just like that. I mean besides the "double doors", there were also many pairs of legs blocking, hands patting... AND eyes on me. Tell me, how could I possibly run away?!

At first I was growling and barking and acting all macho when the first few guests arrived. I wanted to show them who's the boss in the house. And then I see some familiar faces, like grandpa and grandma, I get all happy and excited and started to wag my tail! Then more and more people came and I started to get a bit scared, especially with the rowdy kids who loves to scream. They really make me nervous.

Some kids were terrified of me and thought they entered the lion's den. After some coaxing from my pawrents, they tried to touch my coat and let me smell their hands. Very soon, they realised I am just a friendly doggie and only then do they dare to come near me. I honestly think I 'cured' them of doggie phobia!

Here are some pictures to share. And proof to show that I was also the star of the party.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Please help the three dogs

Mummy received an email from Noah's Ark CARES about a fund-raising event for three pitiful dogs. You can read about their story here.

The event is a special preview screening of the movie, Hachiko, A Dog's Story. You can help the dogs by getting a ticket to the special screening. Details as follows:

Date : January 20, 2010 (Wednesday)
Location : Golden Village, VivoCity Hall 4
Screening Time : 7.15pm
Cost Per Ticket:
Ticket Prices according to seat rows
Row F to K $60 each (furthest from screen)
Row A to E $30 each
* Each ticket includes a popcorn and coke, kindly sponsored by Brownie, Audi & 88.
All proceeds will be used to help the three dogs.

To reserve and purchase your tickets (via email), kindly send Noah's Ark CARES an email at providing contact details, ticket price and number of tickets required. Please state email subject as "Hachiko Tickets". Payment can be made via fund transfer or cheque payable to Noah's Ark CARES.

Here's the trailer for Hachiko, A dog's Story. Mummy's definitely going to catch this and is looking for friends to join her for the special screening.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I must apologize that we haven't sent out any Christmas cards in 2009. The household was chaotic and our lives are never the same again. We didn't even managed to put up the Christmas tree! Mummy tried to take a picture of us - Amanda, Mummy and I, for a last minute Christmas e-card but Amanda has other ideas.

Hurry up, Mummy! I'm all set and ready!

Pardon Mummy's unglamourous look. Obviously she is not ready (or not intending) to be in the picture!

We are all so stressed by Amanda's loud cries! She is so not going to be a good model, unlike me.

The prima donna refused to wear her santa hat! I'm giving up now. The reindeer headband is hurting my head and messing up my fur.

So much for a Christmas picture together. I think this reindeer headband is better as a chew toy!

Happy 2010!

It's a brand new year! Happy 2010, everyone!

My mummy has been a major lazy bum after the arrival of Baby Amanda, thus the lack of updates on my blog. Guilt has finally push Mummy to post this first entry for me.

Here are the pictures that most of you have been waiting for - Baby Amanda and me!

Baby Amanda is now 2 months old. That's how long my blog has been neglected! Anyway, I'm back now to tell you all about my adventures or the lack of it. The weather has been lousy for the past several weeks and I haven't been to the dog park for the longest time. The stupid rain is practically ruining my social life.

My parents are also really busy with Amanda, a noisy creature they called my sister. Initially, I was pretty annoyed by her loud cries and screams but I've gotten used to it since I realised she can't talk or bark like me and my parents, so crying and screaming is her way of communicating with us. I still can't figure out her baby language, unlike my parents who rushed to her with bottles of milk or shower her with annoyingly high-pitched and saccharin-sweet voices whenever she lets out one of her loud cries. And when Mummy gets frustrated with needing to stop doing whatever she is doing to stop Amanda from crying for the nth time, I just gave her the "oh well" look.

To be honest, Amanda is not that bad. At least her head smells good and her feet are soft and nice. I know cos I have licked her feet a few times when my parents are not watching! BOL!

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