Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodbye Dumbo

Dumbo Ng ~ 16 Feb 1999 - 20 Sep 2009

This is Dumbo, Mummy's ex-colleague's Golden Retriever. He was the dog that made Mummy fall in love with the Golden Retriever breed. After hearing funny stories about Dumbo and seeing his lovely face, Mummy has decided that the Golden Retriever is her favourite type of dog and she fantasizes about owning her own Golden Retriever one day. She was never a big fan of dogs before knowing Dumbo.

Dumbo had his many quirks. He loved listening to classical music and will only fall asleep when his owner tuned in to Symphony 92.4FM, our local classical music radio station. He slept next to the radio every night with the classical music playing on as his nightly companion.

He was a sweet-natured dog too. He was often bullied by his smaller fur brother, another breed which Mummy can't recall even though he is bigger in size. He always got his ears tugged by his brother and he didn't mind at all. He was named Dumbo cos he was like a silly dog with big floppy ears (when he was pup) that was so easygoing, and got bullied so easily.

Dumbo has just passed away. Mummy hasn't got the details but apparently, the poor dog was in the Intensive Care Unit before he passed away. We hope he wasn't in much pain. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge, Dumbo! You will always be loved and remembered!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Escape Artist knows his way home

Okay...this is going to get repetitive and boring but I DID IT AGAIN! BOL! I ran away from home again, what else is new.

On Saturday, Mummy and Daddy left me at Granddad's house while they went for their weekly ante-natal class. I was so sad they couldn't bring me along. I'm sure I could pick up some baby-caring tips and do my duties well as a big brother to the baby! Anyway, I was hanging out in the garden when Granddad came home. In her haste to open the front gate for Granddad, Grandmum just leashed me quickly so that I wouldn't rush to the car porch and Granddad can park his car in the house safely. But because I wasn't leashed properly, I managed to wriggle out of the leash and I immediately ran out of the gate! The intention was to go look for my pawrents!

My poor Grandmum was freaking out and followed me out of the house. Granddad was worried too and even drove around the vicinity to look for me. The more I see Grandmum following me, the faster I ran. Frankly, I have no idea where I was going and decided to explore the neighbourhood for a bit. I soon came to an area whom I think my friend Romeo and his Mummy stays in, because I remembered I saw them here when my pawrents and I were in the car and we drove passed them. I was trying to locate Romeo's house so that I can pay him a surprise visit! I sniffed around, hoping to detect Romeo's scent but no luck at all. It was getting boring after a while and I couldn't see Grandmum or Granddad anymore (by then they have already given up looking for me and returned home). The afternoon heat was getting to me and there were no mud puddles for me to cool myself in. BORING! Where are the big dogs to play with when you need them?

I decided to just head back home so that I can chill in the house and wait for my pawrents to return. It wasn't too difficult to find my way back cos I just needed to sniff around and follow my pee-mails which will lead me to my destination. Boy, you should see my Granddad's face when he saw me standing outside the gate! He couldn't believe that I have returned! BOL! He went straight into the house to grab my favourite sliced barberqued pork and used that to lure me into the house. Of course I can never resist this special treat and I went straight for the yummy meat the moment the gate was opened for me. BOL!

I wish I can show you just how far I ran away but I couldn't post a picture of the map. Anyway, Romeo, if you are reading this, you would be able to tell. From my grandpawrents' place in Namly Garden to Jalan Lim Tai See / Lim Tai See walk area and back! Geez, is that far? I didn't feel it's that far but my grandpawrents reckoned it was!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

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