Monday, July 27, 2009

A belated post - Mummy's birthday

Mummy just remembered that we took a picture together with her friends during her birthday celebration at home. She quickly found the picture on her friend's Facebook album and here it is! Me and the ladies!

Happy belated birthday, Mummy! Please remember to buy me lots of pressies when you go to Hong Kong tomorrow!

I was bullied!

Now, tell me, don't I look all cute and harmless?

Don't I look like I belong to the Care Bears family?

Then why is it that some dogs just don't like me?

First, there's a particular beagle at the dog run who never fails to bark ferociously at me. He would chase me and show me he's the boss when I tried to play with the other dogs. Hmmmph, does that make him a bully? Strangely, he only does that to me and not to other dogs!

Then, of course my Aunt Coco, the Shih Tzu is not too particularly fond of me too.

Just last weekend, I went to Daddy's pawrents' house for my bath and lunch. Uncle Phil, Daddy's older brother came over as well with the entourage of his two boys, helper and two doggies. As usually, I am very happy to see people and doggies coming over to play!

Too bad Mummy didn't bring the camera so we couldn't show you how the doggies look like. The two doggies were Sasha, an ancient Shih Tzu who is at least 15 years old and Snowie, a young Maltese puppy. Snowie is Uncle Phil's friend's dog who is just boarding with Uncle Phil's family for these few days. She is a real sweetheart - all docile and well-socialised. She wasn't scared of the humans or a big doggie like me. Neither did she pee or poop all over the house. She just follow the humans and doggies around and enjoying the sight, sound and smell of everything.

However, Sasha was not such a nice doggie. He took an instant dislike to me and kept barking at me aggressively even though I already had my tail down and resting quietly under the couch. He even tried to bite me and forced me to retreat to a tight corner in the car pouch! I bet if the front gate was opened, he would have chased me out of the house!

Uncle Phil said Sasha had a fight with a Chow Chow a few years ago and the Chow Chow was injured by him! And to think that he is smaller than half of my size! And also strangely, he was only fierce to me and not to Coco or Snowie. So sexist! That old dog should take it easy...I'm not there to fight for the ladies' attention with him!

I can't help it if I am more handsome right?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Chow Chow Puppy

Daddy came across some pictures of a Chow puppy from an online pet store and he thinks the puppy looks very much like me! He asked Mummy if she thinks that was me! BOL! Well, what do you think?

My parents have only 3 pictures of me when I was 3 months old. Only Huskee and Hershey's Mummy has seen me when I was that young. So, Aunt Shane, did I looked like the puppy in the pictures? As far as my Mummy can tell, we have the same marking on the forehead. But of course that puppy can't be me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SPCA Press ads

Mummy came across these SPCA press ads recently and she totally love them! These ads are some of the finalists in the Readers' Choice catergory for the SPH Ink Awards 2009. Mummy wished she had the chance to work on such creative and meaningful campaigns. The closest she ever got (on working on animal accounts) was working on the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (for Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong BirdPark) account and that's only for a really short while.

Which is your favourite ad? I love them all!

The computer just got fixed

The computer monitor went kaput the other day and my parents were unable to use the computer for a while until today! Luckily Granddad has a spare monitor at home and Mummy has finally gotten around to install the new monitor. It's back to my blogging again! Did anyone miss me? I will be back with more entries, stay tuned!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Off to the Botanical Gardens again

Last weekend was great! In the morning, we went to the dog park. After that we went to my grandparents place to chill out and in the late afternoon, instead of going straight home as usual, we went to the Botanical Gardens!

We also spotted two swans in the pond.

There were plenty of pretty flowers and plants.

The park is filled with lots of people...strolling and having picnics.

Everyone were staring at me. Some say I look like a lion, while others call me a giant dog. Apparently, these people haven't met my good friends, Honey the Great Dane and other golden retrievers. One cheeky boy even called out to me "Hey Mr Dog, come and get me!" Since when has my name changed to Mr Dog?! Even the passersby who heard the boy were amused.

The lily pond. I took a sip of the water when Mummy wasn't looking.

We took a rest at one of the benches. Mummy can't walk far and long with her growing tummy. She needs more exercise to build up her energy level!

Look at the pavillion behind us. That's the bandstand and it is an iconic landmark in the Botanical Gardens. Many couples like to take their wedding pictures here. In fact, we saw at least four couples near the bandstand taking their wedding pictures!

Okie, I'm tired of sitting here and posing away. Can we go now?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Daddy's new toy

Daddy got a new camera and being the cutest and most handsome in the family, I get to be the model of all his picture taking. Here are some of my latest shots. The pictures could be better. But they'll do for now!

Get ready for an overdose of Chow Chow!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bark In The Park

This is a late post, but better late than never!

Three weeks ago, my parents brought me to the Bark In the Park event at Fort Canning. We set off bright and early. I love morning outings! It's a great way to start the day!

Me in the Chowmobile.

Hurry, let's get going!

Hmm...are we there yet?

Finally, we've reached Fort Canning Park! It's my first time there and boy was I excited!

Is this a statue of me?

We came across this little fountain on our way and I was kinda scared of the flow of water. Mummy insisted I take a picture here but I really can't stand the noise of the flowing water.

We finally reached the event site! I'm so excited!

So many new dogs to meet! I was pulling Daddy in all directions cos I wanted to say hi to all the doggies. Apparently, I pulled so hard that Daddy got a blister on his toe while being dragged by me! BOL!

Taking a rest and checking out the scene. Mummy spotted my blog friends, Dodo and Momo at the park too and said hi to their parents. Dodo and Momo are even cuter in person! BOL!

The organiser of the event even send some volunteers to go around to ask for donations to help homeless doggies. We can donate any sum we want and in return these guys will serenade us with a song or two. I can't remember which song they sang to me but it's certainly wasn't How Much Is That Doggie In The Window. I was a little scared of the strumming guitar at first but I relaxed a bit after they finished singing the song.

We would have stayed longer to see more competitions, shows and demonstrations if the weather wasn't so erractic. It was drizzling and then scorching sun within minutes. I had fun though and many people came by to pet me. I hope there would be more of such events and maybe my parents can unleash me so that I can truly enjoy myself.

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