Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Days of bad skin and dreadful cone

Can I whine somemore?

I'm not sure if the ticks had to do with my itchy and bad skin. My tail and rump were so itchy I kept biting on them and ended up with raw, bleeding skin. Of course my pawrents were very worried and decided to torture me further by applying medication on the wounds and forcing me to wear the dreaded e-collar.

You probably can't see my wounds very well in the pictures. Well, I must say they were nasty! And the one on my rump left a scar or some kind of dark pigmentation on my skin after the wound was healed.

And don't get me started on the e-collar! I was so unhappy and uncomfortable wearing that damm thing! I couldn't walk or pee properly when I was out on my daily walks. And some idiots didn't know what the e-collar was for and thought it was some kind of dog umbrella! You see, one evening when mummy and I were out for a walk, it started to drizzle. When we passed by a group of teenagers under the block, one of them commented loudly "hey look at that dog and the cute thing that he is wearing! Is that his umbrella?!"

Mummy and I tried not to laugh out loud.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tsk Tsk Ticks

Why did God create awful things such as ticks?

For the first time in my two and a half years of living, I had a pretty bad case of ticks! My pawrents found one of the top of my head once when I was six months old but that was it until two yers later.

My pawrents were really annoyed especially since we now have my baby sister crawling around the house on weekends and both mummy and daddy have to work so no one is able to help get rid of the ticks on me and in the house on an hourly basis.

Well, my pawrents did mop and vacuum the house more diligently and cleared out all the clutter in the house that ticks love to hide in. Everyday after work, mummy and daddy would touch me all over the body to look for ticks and they would get very excited whenever they found one. One of them would grab the tweezer and pull the nasty bloodsucker out and drop it into a small bottle of white vinegar. Mummy loves to see how the ticks die in that clear, sourish acid.

Of course I had to be subjected to horrible-smelling stuff that were being applied to my already very short coat by the over-enthusiastic pawrents. There was Frontline, Biospotix repellant spray, Accurate tick and flea disinfectant and of course tick and flea shampoo. It took almost three weeks to totally eradicate the tick problem. I'm so glad we didn't have to fog the house.

And now that we found out the source of the ticks lies in my grandparents' house, my pawrents no longer bring me there. This is a huge pity, cos that means I can't play in the lovely garden anymore and I am spending less time with the family on weekends. I'm not sure how the humans are going to get rid if the ticks in the garden. I suspect even if I get to go to the grandpawrents' house, I will not be allowed to stay in the garden.

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