Sunday, December 21, 2008

My first Christmas Pawty

Last weekend, I was invited to a Christmas dinner pawty at Uncle Kong's house. Mummy and Uncle Kong and the rest of the guests used to work together in an advertising agency many years ago and even after they have all left the company, they still keep the tradition of meeting up for a Christmas dinner every year.

Everyone were very excited to see me!

Uncle Kong's Mummy, Grandma Kong, loves me so much she couldn't stop petting and hugging me! She said she loves Chow Chows, especially after she watched on TV the lovely Chow Chows owned by Martha Stewart!

They let me explore the house and even the rooms!

And so the inspection begins...

Nice place, Uncle Kong! Your house is spick and span!

The house is roomy and cozy with a very nice country look. There are also many plants in the house so it makes me feel like I am visiting a lovely park!

Not everyone is happy to see me though. Aunt K is scared of dogs and when she saw me, she was terrified! I had to be leashed in a corner while the human enjoy their dinner! Bummer!

Luckily I was released after their dinner. They all felt bad for neglecting me.

I was at my best behaviour that night. Everyone were impressed! Even Aunt K!

The Star of the Pawty

Check out those plants!

Everyone call me a vegetarian dog! Truth is, I was just picking out the best leaves for the host.

I was smart enough to know this is a Christmas tree. I didn't pee on it or bite the leaves.

Uncle K gave me some apples...

I love these apples, they were bought by Uncle Kong's wife in Japan! She bought lots of good stuff from Japan cos she goes there all the time for work.

Thanks guys! But why is everyone looking at me while I eat? I can't possibly spill the apples can I?

This is a great pawty! The entire night's conversation was on pets and me! For once, they didn't complain about work! Uncle Kong loves me so much, he asked my parents to let me board at his house if they have to go for holidays!

Are you calling me? I kept hearing my name!

I met a little Bichon doggy who lives next door.

I don't have a picture of the Bichon to show you but I can tell you she is cute! She has some skin problems though and all the hair on her face are gone, so she looked a little strange. But she is one smart dog! She could paw the air like she is waving when the humans say "byebye"!

This is the perfect Christmas pawty for me!


The Musketeers said...

Looks like you have fun !

Molly the Airedale said...

How lucky you are, Chow Chow! What a nice Christmas pawty and you got apples! Mitch is VERY jealous!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Hi Chow Chow,

You certainly were the star of the party!! You look so well-behaved in the photos - and so beautiful - no wonder everyone fell in love with you! :-)

Hey, my human says a really easy way to learn the "Wait" command is for your human to put a yummy treat on the floor in front of you and say "Wait" - if you try to lunge for it, she should hold you back using the leash. Then after a couple of seconds, she should say the release word (we use "OK!" - but you can use anything you like) and then let you eat the treat. Repeat this a few times, until she doesn't have to hold you back when she says "Wait" - so you're beginning to understand that "Wait" means pause and stand still, until you get permission.

You can make this more challenging and fun by getting her to balance the treat on your nose and saying "Wait" - and then "OK!" and you can toss the treat up and catch it and eat it! I'm still learning this trick...I'm good at waiting but not very good at catching the treat! Hee~ Hee!

IF she does this with you once or twice a day, every day, for a week - you'll quickly learn what the "Wait" command means. You can also practise it at mealtimes - when she puts your bowl down, she should say "Wait" and hold you back by a leash if she has to, although hopefully, by now, you'll understand a bit what the command means. A hand in front of your face will also help. Then after she gives the release word, you can dive into the bowl! This is really good to help reinforce your humans as pack leaders to you and to teach you to respect them - and also teach you self-control! :-) I always have to sit and wait until the release command before I am allowed to start eating - even now at 5 yrs old! Sometimes, I just have to wait 1 second and other times, my humans make me wait for a long time! They vary it so that I never know what to expect and I just sit there with drool pouring out of my mouth...! :-)

Anyway, Hsin-Yi says it is a really good command to teach us dogs and if you practise it a lot, it can become very useful - like if you're running towards something, then if your humans shout "Wait!" - you will stop and wait until you get can even save your life!

The really important thing is that the "Wait" command should always go with a release word - otherwise it won't mean anything. People often say "Wait" but we don't know what they want us to wait for! So it's really important that the "Wait" command is taught with a release word otherwise it will be meaningless. The important thing is that when we hear the word "Wait" - we must stop what we're doing and just wait until we hear our release word. If we try to do it before we hear the release word, our humans must stop us and make us wait until we hear the release word.

Happy Training!

Honey the Great Dane

Amber-Mae said...

You sure were the Star of the night! And you looked great too! So fluffy!

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

WOOOOOO Chow.....looks like you have had a great christmas party!!!
You certainly were the star of the those picture you're so gorgeous and...fluffy!!!
our mum says that would like her a lot of to embrace you and to cuddle you!!!!!!!
it would be very beautiful to know you from the truth...and to play so much with day will perhaps happen!!!!
and are sure that in every party that will go you'll be the star because you are marvelous!!!!!!

We have an award for you dear friend!!!!
Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!
We love you!!!!

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